Electric scooters can not travel on the road

Source: Yongkang Enruite Industry&Trading Co., Ltd.Publication time:2017-08-07

If the road to work so blocked, then driving is not convenient, electric skateboarding is indeed a very good choice.

      As the subject can worry about the problem can not be on the road, there is no relevant laws and regulations do not allow the road. In fact, electric scooters also belong to the electric car, according to the provisions of the need for the card, but the reality is that most of the electric cars are over the standard car can not be on the card, the problem is actually no law.

      In addition, the safety of electric scooters, the personal feel that depends on the user, as long as do not speed too fast, pay more attention to the road conditions, to comply with traffic regulation, use it is quite safe. In fact, almost with the bike electric car, driving up stability are good.

      I am operating the electric scooter itself, so he usually work with electric scooter. The actual experience is on the bus, the subway are no problem, but pay attention to the station, the station will not ride on no one will come to you.

      Electric scooters are popular in recent years as a means of transport, as a new means of transport, I think the prospects are still very clear, I believe that the future laws and regulations to improve the unified management of government departments will be legalized, the current situation is indeed In a vacuum of a statute.

      Therefore, the personal recommendations can be started, as a means of travel is very good, but usually must pay attention to the use of security, speed can not be too fast (try not to choose too fast too fast products, usually in the country under the 25km per hour are safe).